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Name: Anita Boone-Millington
Date: 03/18/2010
Message: I love your page Sherry. It is so beautiful and I am so proud of everything you are doing! You know I am here to support you! Love you always and God Bless!

Name: Frank Del Mastro
Date: 12/26/2009
Message: Sean's mom has been keeping me up date on your Opera. Good Luck

Name: Jacquelyn
Date: 12/09/2009
Message: Hey Sherry! I was in the PAYC senior group on Tues. I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming and showing us how talented you are and giving us advice. Personally, It was one of the best experiences I ever had. You are so fantastic, I cant believe you aren't famous! :) Thanks again!

Name: Noelle
Date: 10/15/2009
Message:  Hi Sherry! I am a friend of your sister, Olivia, and, she knows I love the creative arts & jazz!:)I am looking forward to meeting you upon my return to NYC! Stay blessed and, keep loving what you do!:) All the best...Noelle:)

Name: carolyn renfro
Date: 09/29/2009
Message: just wanted to say we love u uncle jerry and aunt carolyn also my e-mail is

Name: Elizabeth Laurencin
Date: 08/05/2009
Message: Congratulations on all of your many successes. You may not remember me from Carnegie Mellon. I stumbled upon this link via Facebook. Congrats again!

Name: Lyndsi Skewes
Date: 07/22/2009
Message: Hello Sherry this is lyndsi and you met me at Fiddler on the Roof...i played Tzeital if you remember. the really short person. ha. i just wanted to say you are an inspiration and really easy to talk to. I go to NYC a lot and evan 1 lesson with you would be amazing, one day. When i move there (ha my dream) You are amazing. Thank you <3

Name: Rosalind Holland
Date: 06/08/2009
Message: Hello cousin, congratulations on the play. I wish I was able to come and see it.

Name: lisa boone-Nwajei
Date: 06/07/2009
Message: Dear Sis, just letting you know i love and support you always and i knew you would one day be the brightest star since I first heard yu sing in the hurrah players westside story and it made me cry!!

Name: Charlene Christopher
Date: 06/04/2009
Message: This is a great tribute to you, congratulations!

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