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 Ellen Craft and Literacy 
Shades of Ellen Craft: Literacy

Ms. Boone wanted to affect society at large in a more profound way than acting, and singing and performing opera. After much prayer and meditation, opportunity knocked.

Ms. Boone seized the occasion to expand the story of Ellen Craft through collaborating with The University of The District of Columbia's Literacy Program. Boone created Bridging The Literacy Gap: Shades of Ellen Craft-And Other Ancestors Down the Road. Through a series of passionate, heart-filled, exhilarating exchanges, Sherry Boone empowers students of all ages to find their voices by writing, reading, and sharing their own stories.

Running A Thousand Miles for Freedom, by Ellen and husband William is a most fitting companion to this seminar since William Craft himself waited 11 years to learn how to read and write so he could write he and Ellen's story in their own words!

Ellen Creators,  Boone and Palmer shared how their ancestors and guides colored their respective creation of Ellen's story and later performed selections from Ellen Craft : A New American Opera.


Boone fields questions regarding the Ancestor Writing Assignment and  students shared their stories in sometimes emotional testimony (lower right).

Ellen Craft/Sherry Boone Book signing : Boone dialogues with a shy ,inquisitive, intelligent young student.

Interview with Sherry Boone

*Passion *Inspiration* Heart to Heart Exchange* Tell Your Story*

Bridging The Literacy Gap: Shades of Ellen Craft and Other Ancestors Down the Road.



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