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 Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Opera at Home! Sounds stuffy. Is Opera at Home really for kids? For everybody?
    Opera at Home is soooo for kids and adults too because its interactive. Founder Sherry Boone loves performing classical music for audiences of all ages and has been doing so for many years at places like The Kennedy Center and Lincoln Center here in NYC. "Kids don't lie" she says "If any artist really wants to know what they are made of, perform for kids.. you'll know right away whether they like ya or not!" We sing and clown around a bit and then dialog with kids about what we performed for them. We wanna know how kids feel about stuff.

  • I want to know more! How can I contact you for more info on Opera at home ?
    Please email us at Operaathome, Or call us at 718 857-0640 and provide us with : Your Name, Address, Zip code, and Telephone number. You will receive an Opera at Home Information package.

  • How long are Opera at Home programs?
    Opera at home programs vary from one half hour to two hours in length.

  • What are the costs?
    Opera at Home invoices per half hour of music. Costs may vary depending upon the number of artists required to fulfill program needs. For Example: ½ Hour Programs: Acapella Vocalist -$1500, Vocalist and Instrumentalist- $1700, 2 Vocalists and Instrumentalist- $2000, 3 Vocalists and Instrumentalist- $2500, 1 Hour Programs: Vocalist and Instrumentalist- $2000, 2 Vocalists and Instrumentalist- $2500, 3 Vocalists and Instrumentalist - $3000, Hour and a Half Programs : 3 Vocalists and Instrumentalist- $3500, 4 Vocalists and Instrumentalist- $4000, 5 Vocalists and Instrumentalist- $4500, Two Hour Programs: 4+ Vocalists and 2+ Instrumentalists- Begins at $7,000. Fees are for performances only. They do not include supporting fees such as local transportation, hotel, and airfare, etc.

  • What if I am a senior center, homebound , an orphanage, or a school with a fixed income?
    Opera at Home is for everyone low income, no income, infinite income and and everything in between, so contact us by phone: 718 857 0640, email:, or write to us: Opera at Home 92 Gates Ave Suite #3A Brooklyn, NY 11238, and we will set up a program especially for you. No one is turned away.

  • Can you create an Opera evening for a bunch of beginners?
    With Pleasure! You fill out this great questionnaire which lets us get to know you a bit , and we create a fun filled program of world traditional favorites thrown in with a few surprises based on your answers ! You'll even be singing some opera before we're done!

  • I love the Broadway Classics: Oklahoma, Carousel, West Side Story, My Fair Lady. Can you just sing me some Broadway?
    Yes we can! We have a Broadway Classic package just for you. Check it out under services offered.

  • What if I just want a voice and piano or classical guitar and flute?
    Opera at Home is pleased to offer a vocalist and instrumentalist program, feel free to check this service out in question #4 of our FAQ's section. Contact us and we will create the program you wish.

  • Who has performed with Opera at Home?
    Opera at Home world class artists have performed from Broadway to the Metropolitan Opera to Africa to Europe and back again. Artists have included: Sherry Boone, Theresa Hamm-Smith Michael Lofton, Petina Cole, Rick Hoffenberg, Theodora Middleton, Vinson German, Jeannette Blakeney, Christine Clemmons, Linda Dorsey, Michael Lamb, Billy Porter, Mary Bond Davis, Donna Lynne Champlin, Sean Jeremy Palmer, and Beth Zumann.

  • I have an amazing voice, how do I audition for Opera at Home?
    Auditions for Opera at Home are by invitation only. Send your picture and resume to: Opera at Home-Auditions: 92 Gates Avenue, Suite #3A Brooklyn, NY, 11238

  • What if I live in Africa or live in a war zone ? Will Opera at home come sing for me?
    Yes ! A resounding yes! Opera at Home sings all over the world.Though getting into war zones can be tricky, Opera at Home is for the world and so will sing anywhere. Please contact us.

  • How do I book Opera at Home?
    You simply email us at, or give a call at 718 857 0640, and we will customize the best program for your entertainment needs.

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